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One of Latin pop's most formidable songwriters and arrangers, Joaquín Díaz is the musical architect behind many of Bachata superstar Romeo Santos’ biggest hits. In 2017, Díaz’s crossover brilliance was showcased in both “Imitadora” and “Sobredosis,” the latter of which also included reggaetón luminary Ozuna.


While best known for his collaborations with Santos, the Dominican composer has lent his versatile skills to international phenoms, such as Natti Natasha on “Hermosa Flor” and Victor Manuelle on “Decidí Tener Pantalones". Díaz’s universe continues to center around Bachata, reaching new heights on his 2018 collaboration with icon Anthony Santo’s “Bellas.”


Most recently, Joaquín’s talents have impacted the following chart-topping singles: "El Pañuelo” (feat. Rosalia), “Sus Huellas," and "Solo Conmigo,” all of which are from Romeo’s latest album, Fórmula Vol. 3. Joaquín is gearing up to release his solo debut EP project, as he focuses on other genres in the future. His first single, “Cupid” (feat. Jhoni The Voice), is a Bachata version of the hit originally recorded by platinum-selling R&B group 112. His growing passion and thirst for music have allowed him to seamlessly weave between genres making him the multifaceted musician he is today.

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