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At Kinnetic Artistry, we are fueled by a passion for supporting the undiscovered talents in the music industry. Our mission is clear: to cast a spotlight on independent artists and propel their careers to new heights.

We understand the challenges artists face when navigating the complex landscape of the music industry. Sometimes, being backed by a major record label can lead to a loss of artistic and creative freedom, as external objectives take precedence. That's where we come in.

Kinnetic Artistry offers a boutique approach that prioritizes the individual needs of each artist. We provide the flexibility and personalized attention required for a successful independent music release. With our expertise, we coordinate all the moving parts of your journey, crafting a tailored marketing campaign that amplifies your exposure and resonates with your unique style.

With over 15 years of experience in the music industry, we possess a wide-angle lens view of what works and what doesn't when embarking on a musical journey. Our guidance is rooted in industry insights and a deep understanding of the dynamics that drive success for artists.


Let us be your compass, guiding you through the intricacies of the music world and helping you navigate towards a flourishing career. Together, we will unleash your true potential and set your music ablaze in the hearts of fans worldwide.



Music Publishing Management

At Kinnetic Artistry, we understand that music streaming is crucial for getting your music heard. That's why we offer comprehensive administrative services tailored to independent and unpublished songwriters. We take care of managing your catalog and ensuring you receive the royalties you deserve through our extensive global administration network.

Social Media Management + Content Curation 

We believe that high-quality content is a powerful tool that can open doors to various opportunities for musicians. Our team at Kinnetic Artistry specializes in managing and enhancing your brand awareness while staying true to your artistic vision.


We provide custom digital content such as promotional teasers and ads for social media. Album/ep/single cover layouts, logo designs, media kits, music visualizers and more, all aimed at adding value to your music.

Organic Audience Development

Building a loyal and engaged fan base requires a well-planned marketing campaign for each release. Our expertise lies in helping you achieve long-term growth and strengthen your audience. We assist in setting up your releases, ensuring proper audience engagement. Additionally, we create content calendars to ensure a consistent flow of social media content, maximizing your organic reach.


We are selective about the artists we choose to work with.  We put our heart and soul into providing our solid advice and creativity when it comes to developing brands. If you are interested in working with Kinnetic Artistry, please reach out to us below. 

Thanks for submitting. We will get back to you asap!

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