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“Taking it back to basics”. That is how Panacea Project describes their music. Panacea Project, a musical duo based in New York City popular for its strong acoustic roots and melodic sound, consists of Dominican lead singer Luis Castro and Colombian producer/musician Carlos Bermon. Luis and Carlos reconnected in 2011 after independently trying to pave their way through New York’s music scene.


In an effort to share their music and ideas with the world, the duo decided to start filming and posting videos on YouTube of their own songs and some of their favorite songs by other artists. The videos resonated instantly with YouTube viewers. To date, the band has over 15M views on YouTube and thousands of subscribers to their channel.


Panacea Project’s vision has been very clear from the beginning. The band wanted to set itself apart from other acts that had achieved success online by taking its music straight to the people. Believing firmly in the strength of their online fans, and in its music, the band has booked stand-alone shows in New York City, Boston, Miami and most recently in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia.

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